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the Gathering 2005

Basic Information

Cancellation Policy
First Aid

Sword Legislation

Toilets Vehicles Water

Cancellation Policy

For pre-paid tickets bought prior to 31 May 2005, and cancelled prior to this date, there will be a full refund of $35.00. If the ticket is cancelled after 31 May 2005, the refund will be $25.00.

For pre-paid tickets bought after 31 May 2005, and cancelled before the Gathering, the refund will be $30.00. If you fail to contact us and cancel you ticket before the Gathering commences, there is no refund.

Once purchased, there is no refund for cancellation of Day tickets. (Back to the top.)


The Gathering is a non-catered event, so you will have to bring and prepare all of your own food, either individually, or on a group basis.

We would encourage you to buy as many of your provisions from Corryong; the town is only 8 kilometres from the site, and your purchases there will help support a small country community who have supported out re-enactment hobby.Corryong has a good selection of shops; including banks, baker, butcher, supermarket, take away food shops, and so on.

Please remember that the community is a small country one, and unlike metropolitan areas, many of its shops shut at midday on Saturday. So if you're planning to stock up on Saturday, please go early. (Back to the top.)


If you intend to fight at the Gathering 2005 you must come with a signed Consent Form. You can download a copy of this form here. So. no form, no argument, no fight. Conference Rules will be used.

If you leave home without yours, we will have spares, and in previous years, people have either gone to visit the chemist in Corryong, or Stephen Wyley (NVG-Vlachernai), who is authourised to sign Statutory Declarations, has helped out. In years past, he hasn't charged for the privilege of his signature, but he could always change his mind...

Please note that the 'legal' age for people to participate in combat at the Gathering is 18. (Back to the top.)


This year the Normans will be running a feast on the Saturday night, and as per usual, have concocted a wholly delicious menu and there are even rumours of honey saffron tarts...

We would love you all to come along and share the efforts of our labour of love [and insanity :) ].

Vegetarians / Vegans /anyone with food allergies etc will be catered for but you need to tell the Normanswhen you're booking.

Cost will be $15 per head and payment is required by the 1st June 2005 (to allow us to order large amounts of food for you hungry revellers). Any queries please contact me off list on this email or at michelle.ferlazzo@alfred.org.au or on 03 8430 4136.

Please send cheques or money orders to:
 Michelle Ferlazzo
 21 Paywit St
 Preston VIC 3072
(Back to the top.)


The firewood dump is located near the Tavern, and between the Market and Camping Area 1. You may only collect wood for your camp with your vehicle when you first establish your camp.

Please adhere to the directions to and from your camp and the firewood dump, and do not drive above a walking place when off the track.When you take your firewood, please consider the needs of others, and only take what you'll require. If the supply runs short, the organisers can get more in at short notice, though this costs more. This is one reason for now paying more at the gate; if people pre-book a more accurate estimate of the amount required can be made.

To make the most of your wood, please split it up, and store it undercover. The firewood is often wet when it is dumped, and will not burn efficiently unless it is split up and allowed to dry somewhat. Because the weather can be wet, it is also a good idea to bring a small amount of dry kindling with you to ensure you can get your fire going with a minimum of fuss. (Back to the top.)

First Aid

Every group attending the event should bring their own first aid kit, and have someone designated as able (and willing!) to administer basic first aid for minor complaints like small cuts, minor burns and headaches, etc.

However, in the event of a serious injury, there will be two qualified Red Cross medics attending the event. Cathy and Craig Wattie have volunteered to come and provide this support.We hope that Cathy and Craig will be able to go home without having to open their First-Aid kits at all… (Back to the top.)

Payment Details

· $35.00 for pre-paid tickets bought prior to 31 May 2005
· $45.00 for pre-paid tickets bought after 31 May 2005, and at the gate.
· $15.00 for a Day Ticket, which may only be bought 'at the gate'
. Children under 16 are admitted free.

You can pay in cash, Postal Money Order or cheque. Please make money orders & cheques out to Ian Rogers (the Gathering 2005). Please include a return postal address so we can mail the event Handbook to you. If you don't see us in person about the clubs here in Melbourne, you can send payments to:

Ian Rogers
7 Lithgow Street
Glen Iris VIC 3126. (Back to the top.)


There are no showers on the site. However, the owners of the nearby Colac Colac Caravan Park will allow participants to use their Shower and Laundry block for a nominal fee (about $2 to 3). The Caravan Park is only three minutes away from the site by car, and is located on the Murray Valley Highway (B400) just a hundred metres or so from where the C545 joins it.

If you use their facilities, please look after them, so visitors from future Gatherings will always be welcome.
(Back to the top.)

Site Cleanliness and Rubbish

We'd like to be able to come back to the Nariel Festival Ground again and again for the Gathering, so please help us to keep the place clean. That will impress the Festival Ground Committee, and they'll have no hesitation in letting us come back again next year.

So please burn as much as your rubbish as possible (including cigarette butts), and use the bins provided for any rubbish. Please separate out bottles and cans from other hard rubbish so these can go for recycling without any hassles.

One last point; please use the toilets: don't urinate or defecate near the stream in any part of the camp-ground, or wash yourself or dishes in it with soap or shampoo. There are a lot of people who draw their water directly from it further down stream, so please just don't do it. Anyone caught doing this will be asked to leave the event, and will not be welcome back again. (Back to the top.)


If you reqiure straw for bedding or other camp purposes, please let us know before 15 May 2005. We buy our straw locally, ...well, reasonably locally, and so get a decent rate. Craig and Cathy Wattie sourced the straw for the Gathering last year, and have offered to do so again this year. We'll take your order, and pass it on to Craig and Cathy, but you'll have to pay them when you collect your straw on site. Last year, the price was about $5 a bale; this year it's expected to be about the same. (Back to the top.)

Sword Legislation

Because of the changes to the legislation, we will require you to bring documentary evidence (ie; membership cards, etc) to the Gathering if you are going to bring sword(s). Of course, you should carry these with you at all times you've got your sword(s) with you, so this shouldn't present any problems. (Back to the top.)


There are six male and six female toilets divided into three blocks, evenly distributed over the site. They are of the deep-drop variety, and are well maintained. Because of the winter weather, the smell from them is usually slight.

If you bring small children to the event, please ensure that you supervise their visits, and that they don't drop themselves, trinkets, toys or your car-keys down the hole. If they do, the organisers will cheerfully provide you with a torch and a long piece of wire… (Back to the top.)


Please ensure that once you've unloaded your vehicle and set up your camp that you take your vehicle down to the carpark (see the map for details). If you arrive after dark, you can leave the vehicle overnight, but please have it removed by 8:00am the following morning.

Can you also ensure that you do not drive above 15km/hour when moving about the campsite. (Back to the top.)


The water at the Gathering comes straight from the creek that runs adjacent to the Festival Ground, and you can access it directly from there, or from the many taps about the site. Since the creek flows down from the Alpine National Park and the Great Dividing Range mountains, it is cold and crystal clear…

However, during periods of heavy rain, sediment can be washed into the creek; and while the water will remain cold, it won't be crystal clear. If this happens, simply allow the water to stand for half an hour or so, the sediment will settle and the water will be safe to drink.

Still, if you know that your stomach is susceptible to differences in water when travelling away from home, you should also boil it, and come equipped with sterilisation tablets (which are readily available in camping stores and chemists). Or bring your own water from home. (Back to the top.)

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