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Best Living History Team


This contest is similar in scope to the Best Living History Campsite competition run previously at the Gathering. However, in this case, instead of a campsite being judged, teams of re-enactors will be evaluated, to determine which one is the most accurate representation of the time of the theme.

To qualify to enter, a team must have at least three and no more than five members. Naturally, the team that is equipped to the highest standard of authenticity will win.

Definition of a Team

For the purposes of this competition, a team shall be deemed to be a group of re-enactors that present themselves with a common theme. The only limitations on a theme are the entrant's imaginations, and the Gathering 2005's over all theme (that is, the time and place). Some examples, to demonstrate possible themes include:

Judging Process

This competition will be judged by a panel of judges made up of one representative from each group present at the Gathering 2005, with reference to judging guidelines shown below.

The team must be equipped appropriately to the time-period of the Gathering theme, and also to their team's theme (see Definition of a Team, above). Therefore, military and civilian equipment, weapons or clothing not appropriate to this will attract negative points.

No additional points will accrue to a team for having more than three members. (The best three will be counted for scoring purposes.)

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